Contractors Lend Their Skills to COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Suburban ambulance truck.
Suburban ambulance truck.
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Apr 17, 2020

Center Line Electric at Beaumont Hospital

Center Line heroes in healthcare.
Center Line heroes in healthcare.

Center Line Electric, Center Line, Mich., recently completed a 60-bed addition at Beaumont Hospital—Troy Campus. The project work was completed over 6 days with IBEW Local 58 Detroit electricians on a 12-hour shift to finish the necessary electrical work.

In addition to providing critical infrastructure support, Center Line Electric is also delivering meals to hospital workers. The program began with the Center Line team delivering 50 meals to Beaumont Hospital—Troy Campus and 25 meals to DMC Children’s Hospital in Troy.

Conti Corporation and Ferndale Electric at TCF Center Field Hospital

 Conti Corporation of Warren, Mich. worked with IBEW Local 58 in Detroit to finalize a 900-plus bed facility for COVID-19 related patients at TCF Center, the Detroit Regional Convention Center. The project began on Tuesday, March 31 with roughly 20 electricians on-site working around the clock and was completed on Monday, April 6.

With the Army Corp. of Engineers, the Conti Corporation team ran power to the field hospital so it could begin receiving patients the week of April 6th.

“We are very proud to be part of the TCF Center field hospital project providing essential services during this unprecedented time.” Warren Wintermantel, vice president, Conti Corporation. 

Also, on-site at TCF Center, is Ferndale Electric, Ferndale, Mich., that is relocating the TCF Center offices out of the field hospital areas to other parts of the facility.

Continental Electric Construction Company at Sherman Hospital

Continental Electric is helping turn the Sherman Hotel, Elgin, Ill., which has been closed for ten years, into an alternate care facility for COVID-19 patients. The contractor is working with the Army Corps. of Engineers and working around the clock to get the facility running.

The old hotel is a 100,000-squre foot renovation job that has crews working on basic building functions and more specified work such as private patient areas.

The facility will be open on April 24 with 280 or 290 beds. There are 500 individual bays with three walls and cloth doors that can be drawn for privacy.

Kuharchik Construction Donated 1,000 Masks

Kuharchik Construction, Exeter, Penn. donated 1,000 N95 masks to the Luzerne County Government to distribute to health and human services employees in the areas to help protect them and fight the spread of COVID-19.

Members of the construction team found extra masks while doing inventory and donated them to those who needed them.

"We all need to do our part to stop this from spreading. As small of a donation as this may be and the number of cases relative that could be contracted, it's something. I wish I had more, and if we had more, I'd be donating more. This is about people helping people," said Robert Bresnahan, Kuarchik CEO.

Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors at West Lake Hospital

Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors is renovating WestLake Hospital in Melrose Park, Ill., to re-open to serve COVID-19 patients after being closed for many years. The facility will support those patients that need ICU-style care. It will be able to treat at least 230 patients and possibly up to 350. The Army Corps. of Engineers is also helping construction.

Officials described the site as a last resort that would become operational if Chicago and surrounding suburbs run out of hospital beds.

Low Voltage Solutions at McCormick Place Convention Center

Governor press conference at McCormick Place.
Governor press conference at McCormick Place. 

McCormick Place Convention Center is being transformed into a field hospital for COVID-19 patients. The convention center eventually will serve as an emergency facility for up to 3,000 patients, most of whom will have mild symptoms and not need intensive care. Each spartan 10-by-10-foot room has a single cot with a gray utilitarian blanket, a folding chair and a lamp. A small bowl, earplugs, a toothbrush and several surgical-type masks have been placed on each cot. The bays also have individual call lights and electrical outlets so patients can have entertainment if they want.

Rooms set aside for a pharmacy, laundry machines, medical supplies, medical gas canister storage and housekeeping also have been built.

Sharlen Electric at Chicago community hospitals

By Susan DeGrane

Sharlen Electric, Chicago, serves several healthcare providers, making it a natural fit for setting up COVID 19 care spillover sites at Chicago area hospitals.

By early April 2020, the family-owned contractor had started, and in some cases completed, temporary expansion projects at four community hospitals prior to the predicted Illinois peak of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sharlen Electric palos.
Sharlen Electric palos.

“Safety, as always, is number one for us,” said William Cullen, III, vice president of Sharlen. “Working in this environment has been a learning curve. There are no guidelines or procedures that can completely prepare you for something of this magnitude.”

At the beginning, Sharlen faced a shortage of PPE. “We had donated a lot of our N95 masks to the hospitals we serve,” Cullen said, “so we were working with limited quantities of protective gear.” Read more about Sharlen Electric’s work here.

Shaw Electric and Shaw Systems working on several Detroit hospitals

Shaw Electric setting up in Suburban Collection Showplace.
Shaw Electric setting up in Suburban Collection Showplace.

Shaw Electric and Shaw Systems is supporting critical infrastructure during the COVID-19 crisis at several locations, including the Suburban Collection Showplace Alternative Hospital. IBEW Local 58 Detroit electricians and low-voltage technicians were on-site to complete the project with the Army Corps. of Engineers.

“We are working to set up electrical lines and communications equipment and are proud to be part of this important project,” said Bob Minielly, president & CEO of Shaw Electric and Shaw Systems.

The Suburban Collection Showplace in Oakland County usually hosts events, conventions and tradeshows but will initially be converted to a 250-bed alternative hospital to serve COVID-19 related patients with the capacity for 1,000 beds if needed. The location is the second alternative hospital to be constructed in the Detroit area after the TCF Center.

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