Connecting in New Ways

Earlier this year, we launched the NECA Podcast Network (NPN), a series of new podcasts covering a range of issues important to electrical contractors.

One podcast is “Innovation Overload,” created by our Technology and Innovation team. Following on the success of weekly webinars, this podcast series is part of a long-term and well-known crusade to help contractors make sense of the endless stream of software and technological tools available, and to make our work more efficient and profitable. Four episodes are already available, featuring discussions with various business leaders who share their experiences embracing new technology.

The “NECA LIVE” podcast features everyone’s favorite emcee (and NECA event regular) David Meade, as he discusses everything happening around the association with NECA staff and major industry figures. Topics have included updates on events and meetings, NECA’s new Premier Partners Procore and Buckingham Manufacturing, our legislative priorities for 2021 and much more. “NECA LIVE” can be viewed on LinkedIn each Monday, and it is available as a podcast download each Thursday.

The third podcast series in the NPN is “Labored Thoughts,” led by NECA’s labor relations experts, which has recently covered overtime and the Fair Labor Standards Act. One more podcast, “Think Like a Leader,” is an interview series presented by ELECTRI International that will introduce some of the most successful contractors and electrical industry leaders in the United States.

This new initiative is the latest in our efforts to find new ways to connect with our members and the industry as a whole, and establish NECA as a leader not just in the electrical space but in construction overall. By sharing information and knowledge in a variety of formats—from our print magazines to email to social media to podcasts—we can bring electrical contractors together and make positive changes that will build on all our past success.





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Larry Beltramo

NECA President

Larry Beltramo is the president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). He took office in April 2019.

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