Change Can Be Good

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Aug 15, 2019

As promised, here is our NECA 2019 Las Vegas issue. We know we’re early. Did we catch you off guard? If so, we get it. Sudden change can be disruptive. But hey, sometimes you try something new and find it’s better. Change can be a good thing.

This year’s NECA Convention is two weeks earlier than usual (Sept. 14–17), so our convention and trade show issue is earlier as well. Though you may be discombobulated, it has all the NECA Convention coverage you’ve come to expect.

In “What’s Happening in Vegas,” Susan Casey spotlights projects in Las Vegas including the new Raiders stadium, an Amazon distribution center and a pump station at Lake Mead. In “Planning Ahead,” William Atkinson forks over the details of the T-Mobile Arena construction. In “Calling All Conventioneers!” Claire Swedberg tells the story of Bombard Electric installing power and lighting for the massive Las Vegas Convention Center project.

This issue also hits on some important feature topics. In “Temporary Powerhouses,” Claire Swedberg covers how Heller Electric and Taylor Electric provide temporary power for events. In “Something Extra on the Side,” Susan Bloom writes about lighting systems that go far beyond illumination.

Since we’re headed to Vegas, we should warn you about time. Did you know, by design, there are no clocks in casinos? Yup, those casino owners are trying to make you forget about the ticking seconds, minutes and hours to keep you there longer.

Lately, we’ve been thinking a lot about time. This issue marks 13 years with the magazine for Tim. That’s 156 issues. Yes, friends, this is his final issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. Here is a quick note from him:

For the past 13 years, I’ve had the pleasure to serve an industry that emphasizes loyalty, dedication and hard work, and I’ve seen these qualities exemplified time and again in amazing electrical projects. I’ve seen contractors face unique challenges—from flood waters to grizzly bears—and get the job done no matter what. I’ve also heard countless stories of how rewarding it is to walk into the shell of a building, to touch the bones of a home or business, and know that, when it’s fleshed out, you’ve helped create something that will live for generations.

These are the lessons I’ve learned from you. I know it will be one of my life’s honors that I was privileged to contribute to one of the electrical construction industry’s great institutions as it strived to assist people in running more lucrative businesses to better support their employees and their families, help people in a dangerous line of work go home safely at the end of every day, and continuously raise the standards for workmanship in building the places people live, work and play. I like to think I can look back on my time with this magazine as you do a construction site. I came in, added to and left it a little more complete.

Of course, the work here at ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR is never finished. When I leave this job site, others will take over, and I am eager to see where they guide this publication. I know its best years are ahead.

To my colleagues on the magazine staff and at NECA, thank you for taking me in and helping me grow into a better editor, writer and teammate. To our readers, thank you for including me in this industry and community. To all, it was an honor and a privilege. I wish you all the best.

About the Author

Timothy Johnson


Timothy Johnson is the former digital editor for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine.

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