A Big Responsibility

Recently, a contractor in Iowa called me and asked if I knew about a Code change on A-based meters that was published in this magazine. A friend had borrowed his copy and he couldn’t get the information. The Code change was unfamiliar to me, and I directed him to what I hoped was the appropriate person. Before hanging up, the Iowa contractor told me he read ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR every month, cover to cover. As I sat at my desk, it took a while for what he said to sink in, but I finally understood what kind of responsibility I had taken upon accepting the job of editor in July. Thousands of contractors depend on us to impart timely, accurate information to them each month. They also expect us to have the ability to see into the future, to anticipate their needs to help compete in this very tough business.

If we don’t, we won’t succeed in our own very tough market. Like you, we have competitors nipping at our heels. We know what it’s like. We wish that more contractors would call, give us input, tell us what we’re doing right—and wrong. We wish we could talk to each of you to find out your concerns, to learn of the incredible work you do—work that carries much more responsibility than my own. For instance, take a look at a story on page 26 I had the privilege to write. It is about the recovery effort at a building adjacent to the collapsed World Trade Center towers, and a consultant, contractor and crew that rebuilt an electrical system in the worst of conditions. Responsibility? They knew all about it.

In addition, this is our NECA show issue and it is packed with features and products that we hope help make your job easier. That’s what we try to do. EC





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John Fulmer

Freelance Writer
John Fulmer is a freelance writer based in Joppa, Md., and former editor of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine. He can be reached at johnsfulmer@comcast.net .

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