Always-on Devices to Require New Power Supplies

Advanced always-on Internet mobile devices will require a whole new generation of power supplies, says a study from Allied Business Intelligence, Oyster Bay, N.Y. Right now, many users will find that power supply for these devices is insufficient in both battery life and standby times. “Semiconductor chip performance has risen over 3,000 percent in the last decade, yet battery performance stood at a minuscule 80-percent enhancement,“ said the study’s author, Atakan Ozbek, ABI senior energy analyst. “The power demand of next-generation wireless devices will sharply increase, but if battery performance and reliability do not meet handset manufacturers’ demands, that might curb the growth of the sector.” Mobile commerce and mobile applications will require much more complex mobile devices, including those that combine voice, data, and multimedia applications. “To allow these complex devices with long component chains to perform properly, next-generation power supplies, those that are highly efficient and possess a higher energy-density ratio, are going to be needed,” Ozbek declared. The study, “Wireless Power Systems: Powering the Next Genera-tion of Wireless Devices,” examines the dynamics of the battery industry and its incredible potential market due to the explosion of mobile device use. Also shown is the convergence in three big industries: wireless connectivity, Internet access, and laptop usability and power.

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