2020 NECA Showstopper Winners

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Jan 14, 2021

NECA Showstopper Awards have been a popular feature at NECA shows for years. This was true for 2020 too, even though the convention and trade show were virtual and attendees participated from their offices or homes. Attendees browsed Showstopper entries—products and services that had been introduced during the previous year—online before they went to the virtual exhibit hall. Judges and Electrical Contractor magazine coordinators met by video conference to select winners on Monday, Oct. 5. Judges were experienced experts who are actively involved in the industry. The 2020 Showstopper winners were announced the following morning; they are listed here alphabetically.


The 3M Virtual Reality Training apps are helpful tools to create memorable, immersive and interactive learning opportunities. Users can practice hands-on skills and reinforce knowledge in a safe, virtual environment, anywhere and anytime. Conducted on work sites, virtual training can save time and transportation costs, making it a cost-effective educational tool.


Davis Plug

The Davis Multi-Plug is a versatile male, four-prong, straight-blade industrial electrical plug that can do nine different NEMA configurations in one package. Made in the United States, this one-tool assembly includes nine labeled discs so the user can identify the electricity type and the UL listing for the plug. It has a hose-clamp, cord clamp system, and is single- or three-phase, 120/208/250V, 20.50.60A. NEMA configurations include: 14–30, 14–50, 14–60, 15–30, 15–50, 15–60, 18–30, 18–50 and 18–60.

davis plug


The DeepHow A.I.-enabled labor upskilling solution bridges the skills gap in manufacturing, service and construction with a knowledge-capturing and learning platform. DeepHow collects and organizes employees’ tacit knowledge, creating a digital, searchable, multilingual reference library. DeepHow combines the deep learning of A.I. with the knowledge of an organization’s “A-Team” available to the rest of the organization, improving productivity and consistency through training.



Double-ended detachable nut drivers provide two-in-one versatility for extreme-torque applications. The detachable sockets allow for easy cleaning and are reversible for added versatility. Designed for use in impact drivers and wrenches, an industrial-strength magnet offers maximum fastener retention. An advanced hardening process provides maximum durability to withstand the power of an impact driver. Sockets are easily detachable.



The Eaton B-Line series seismic-bracing cable-kit system is designed to brace nonstructural equipment and distribution systems to help minimize damage in a seismic event. Featuring the patented KwikWire toolless clamp, installation is up to 50% faster compared to traditional cable-bracing methods. Cut-to-length SKUs for 10- and 20-foot cable options further reduce install time. Color-coded tags provide visual verification of correct cable size.


Enespro PPE

The new 12-cal vented lift-front shroud eliminates the need for workers to wear uncomfortable and unhygienic balaclavas for NFPA 70E CAT 2 tasks. The Enespro shroud is lined with a lightweight, antimicrobial FR/AR lining to kill bacteria and control odor. The lift-front face shield offers quick and easy access to fresh air when outside of the hazard zone. OptiShield clear gray tint improves color recognition. There are auditory vents for improved sound and communication. The product is made in the United States.



Inspect, document and share images quickly with cloud connectivity and Wi-Fi with the compact Flir C5 thermal camera. Its 160x20 (19,200 pixels) true thermal imager, multispectral dynamic imaging, 5-megapixel visual camera quickly finds hidden faults and reduces diagnostic time. The C5 directly uploads and stores images to the Flir Ignite cloud, where files can be organized and backed up. Images and reports can be quickly and easily shared.


Fluke Corp.

The Fluke 67 Max clinical infrared thermometer is a handheld, noncontact thermometer optimized for measuring human temperature. It is accurate within plus/minus 0.5°F over a measurement range of 71.6°F to 109°F. A built-in body mode adds an offset to account for the difference between surface skin temperature and core body temperature. The Fluke 67 Max has been tested to IEC standard 60601-1-2 for electromagnetic compatibility.



The featherweight Ariat women’s fire-resistant work shirt is made of premium 100%, inherent FR fiber, GlenGuard fabric. For maximum comfort, the shirt has Moisture Movement technology to keep the wearer cool and dry. Its seam construction offers maximum range of motion. Other features include a button-down front and collar, permanent colorfastness, left pocket pen slot, and a gas detector loop on the shoulder.



Developed with utility professionals, the Greenlee ESG105LXR remote-control cable cutter is capable of cutting cables up to 4.13 inches in diameter. This versatile tool offers total operator control with either handheld manual or remote-cutting options with end position blade recognition. The tool comes standard with remote control, rigging harness, two 4.0Ah batteries and 20V charger, all in a hard-sided metal storage and carrying case.



The Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Twist-Lock Edge Series receptacle with screwless terminations is the market’s fastest terminating receptacle and can decrease installation time by more than 80%, saving time and decreasing fatigue. A strong spring within the device continues to apply pressure as strands relax over time, keeping wires tight. Terminations can be easily unwired. The receptacles are available in 20A and 30A versions.



The innovative gas shock All Jack lifts hold pipe, lights, cabinets, drywall, temporary dust barriers and much more while they are anchored in place. Components can be held in place at various angles as different jobs require. Industrial gas-shock operation with a quick one-handed engagement lever can lift up to 20 pounds to heights from 58 inches to 13.5 feet. When a product is secured, All Jack can be removed simply by releasing the shock.



The weatherproof Legrand smart outdoor switch with GFCI is Wi-Fi ready and provides easy control of outdoor lighting or other outdoor power needs. It’s ideal for commercial and residential applications to bring safe, smart controls to patios, decks and pool areas. With its app, this switch can create scenes or schedules with fountains or other outdoor effects. It is compatible with Alexa and Google for voice-control operation to extend safe, smart home control to patios, decks and pool areas.



The easy-to-install Decora Smart Voice dimmer with Amazon Alexa built-in combines easy Wi-Fi lighting with the convenience of voice control in a single, sleek device that requires no hub. Ask Leviton voice dimmer to dim and brighten lights, listen to the news, play music, get the weather, control smart home devices and more. Schedule lights to turn on and off and easily create enjoyable lighting scenes and control from anywhere.


Milwaukee Tool

The M18 Fuel Angler is the industry’s first battery-powered fish tape with power feed and pullback that eliminates manual pulling. A brushless motor can pull wire through a 300-foot run with 360-degree bends, and it automatically reels tape back onto the drum. The tool has Redlink Plus intelligence for protection from overload and provides maximum performance. The fish tape is powered by an M18 Redlithium battery pack that is not included.


Schneider Electric

The Energy Control Center (ECC) with EcoStruxure Microgrid Operation (EMO) edge controller makes decisions in seconds to provide resiliency for the building it serves. For example, if the utility grid goes down, the edge controller senses the loss of energy and disconnects from the utility grid by commanding the ECC main breaker to open. The ECC then starts the genset and restores power. The EMO edge controller also manages multiple distributed-energy resources.



Accubid Anywhere is an all-in-one, cloud-based estimating platform that includes estimating functionality, graphical takeoff and managed pricing services. The subscription-based software combines all the features and functionality of a modern estimating package with a hassle-free IT solution. Accubid Anywhere enables estimators to focus on their core business while Trimble hosts, maintains and optimizes the performance of the software platform.


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