The 2000 Profile of the Electrical Contractor

In this PDF file, The 2000 Profile of the Electrical Contractor, John McKenzie tells you how "A new contractor evolves to meet the challenges of the new millennium". The 2000 Profile confirmed what you already know—1999 was a good year to be an electrical contractor! In the last profile, printed in June, 1998, we reported that new construction had dropped to an historical low while maintenance work was at an all-time high. I guess this is a case of “what goes around comes around,” because now the tables are reversed. As a large contractor, you probably experienced a nice jump in new con-struction work while the smaller con-tractor remained about the same. As a small contractor, you probably experienced a boost in maintenance work while the larger contractor remained about the same. The last profile, the 1998 profile of work performed in 1997, indicated an upward trend in maintenance, service, and repair work, along with a corresponding downward trend in new construction work. In fact, the percentage of total sales of new construction work reached an historical low at 47 percent.... The 2000 Profile of the Electrical Contractor is a PDF file. To view PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobate Reader.
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