Two Industry Heavyweights Launch Peripheral Services

In these times of rapidly changing technologies and consumer needs, industries must react with agility. Two of the electrical industry’s biggest heavyweights launched divisions and services in an effort to evolve with the times.

GE launched its Critical Power business to support the power needs of the mission-critical industry. It provides data centers, hospitals, telecommunications networks, financial markets and other mission-critical facilities with end-to-end solutions to keep electricity flowing to crucial equipment during power disturbances and outages.

GE’s new Critical Power business includes power-switching products, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology, direct current (DC) energy systems, and embedded power supplies, such as board-mounted power and front-end rectifiers. These solutions help reduce energy consumption and minimize operating costs associated with supplying power to customer applications.

Through a partnership with GE Capital, GE’s Critical Power business is able to provide customers with a financial support opportunity. Customers can take advantage of customized financial lease programs and terms to support equipment upgrades and retrofits.

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Schneider Electric is extending its data center offerings, recently launching the Schneider Electric Mission Critical Services & Software division, offering software and services in the industry for any size data center. Schneider also launched its new Data Center Service Provider Team, a team of specialists committed to meeting the business and technology needs of co-location, hosting and cloud businesses.

Schneider Electric’s Mission Critical Services & Software division provides comprehensive offerings: planning, design, commissioning, maintenance and operations, and assessments. Schneider Electric’s lifecycle approach optimizes return on capital employed at every stage of a data center’s life, effectively preserving capital, managing energy costs, ensuring reliability, and improving speed to market.

The two offerings provide customers with the ability to better manage every aspect of their data centers, including designing, building and commissioning; operations and monitoring; maintenance, optimization, and planning; and energy procurement and sustainability.
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