Verizon Survey Finds Value of FTTH

According to Rismedia, a Verizon-commissioned survey titled “Fiber-to-the-Home Advanced Broadband 2007” revealed that broadband connections are in place in the homes of 61 percent of respondents. Moreover, the survey found that 65 percent of those polled said their home-buying decisions were based in part on the presence of fiber to the home (FTTH).

Additionally, buyers noted that they would be willing to shell out 0.8 percent more on average to purchase a home equipped with the technology. Adding 0.8 percent would boost the Census Bureau’s national average home price of $293,100 by $2,344. Regionally, the cost of a home would rise $4,045 in the Northeast, $2,885 in the West, $2,021 in the South and $1,919 in the Midwest on average.

While speed is a major benefit of FTTH, users like that the technology enables their home networks to handle games, movies, music, photos, multimedia programming and other large files.

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