VDV Product Focus

AC Drive Yaskawa’s compact GPD 315/V7 is a high-performance adjustable frequency AC drive providing the choice of two control methods from a very small package. It comes in NEMA 1 and NEMA type 4X/12 enclosures in a range from 1/8 to 10 hp. The drive allows selection of open loop vector or volts/hertz control to suit the application. In addition to better speed regulation, the open-loop vector control provides high torque at lower speeds. Direct Info Number 302 Pushbutton Switches Miniature flush-mount illuminated pushbutton switches from EAO Switch Corp. come in three different styles: round, square, and round-in-square. All three styles use a simple two-piece adapter to allow flush mounting in a standard 16mm round panel hole or a 5/8-in. square cut out. Direct Info Number 303 Motor Protection System ABB Automation Inc. presents the REM 543 motor protection relay. The full-featured, microprocessor-based device provides the protection and functionality necessary to achieve optimal output levels from motors, while safeguarding them against downtime. The relay is designed for important medium-voltage, large horsepower induction or synchronous motors typically used with pumps, compressors, mills, crushers, and other land and marine systems. Direct Info Number 304 I/O Electronics Connection Offering a solution for decentralized control applications, Weid-muller, Inc. has introduced BL I/O 3.5, an innovative, pluggable connection level system for I/O electronics with functionality for decentralized periphery, stand-alone controllers, compact PLCs, and industrial PCs. The system combines the compactness of pluggable connectors with the uncomplicated circuit layout of a rail-mounted solution. It is a 30-position pluggable socket connector that offers the full functionality of an eight-channel I/O level with integrated power distribution. Direct Info Number 305 Shut-shutoff Timer When silence is critical, Intermatic Inc.’s EI40 automatic shutoff timer is an ideal alternative to the spring-wound timers. The digital battery-operated EI40 silently controls lighting—as opposed to the “tick, tick, tick,” emitted by the spring-wound timers. It would take 16 of the traditional spring-wound timers to match the capabilities of a single EI40. The device can be set for time intervals between one second and 24 hours. It also controls any load without modification and requires only two wires for control of 12V through 277V loads. Direct Info Number 306 Power Analyzer Magtrol, Inc. has developed a power analyzer capable of handling single- and three-phase power measurements. The model 6530 power analyzer provides accurate data for test and measurement of electric motors, lighting equipment, transformers, power supplies, and appliances. At the core of the unit is a digital signal processor capable of calculating over 40 million instructions per second. Coupled with 16-bit analog to digital converters, the Magtrol 6530 is an extremely fast and accurate instrument with data transfer rates of up to 100 per second and a basic accuracy rating of up to 0.1%. Direct Info Number 307 AC Drive A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co. presents an exceptionally versatile general-purpose AC drive, the GP10. Dual rated for variable torque and constant torque loads, this open loop vector drive offers precise speed regulation for both HVAC/R and a broad range of industrial applications. Direct Info Number 308 PDA Calibrator Transmation Products Group has launched its enhanced multi-function PDA Calibrator, which combines five different functions into one handheld device. It can source and measure milliamp, voltage, thermocouples, RTD, and pressure. Moreover, a built-in power supply allows stand-alone calibration of two wire transmitters. Direct Info Number 309 Substation Industrial and commercial facility project expansions requiring additional power have a new solution in the Model III Power-Zone package unit substation from Square D. It comes with HVLcc medium voltage metal-enclosed switchgear to provide unparalleled power and distribution performance in the industry’s most compact footprint. The unit is ideal for retrofit and high-rise applications, particularly in industrial plants, office and apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and universities. Direct Info Number 310 Electronic Switch A sophisticated electronic switch that gives a seamless transfer of power between two AC line sources has been introduced by PowerTrol. Called QwikSwitch, it ignores any phase differences between the two AC lines by making the transfer so rapidly and smoothly that sensitive equipment cannot sense the changeover. It is ideal for critical electronic equipment—computers, paper and pulp mills, and much more. Direct Info Number 311 Ride Through Device Power variations are now easily solved by UPPI’s batteryless ride-through device. The RTD is a small, low cost product using two phases of a three-phase supply as input and a single-phase output to keep continuous power going to the more sensitive process controls. Since two phases rarely sag at the same time, processes stay running during otherwise costly power sags. Direct Info Number 312 Time Switches Tork’s model DIN201B, seven-day time switch offers 40 On/Off operations per week for control of lighting, HVAC, or other electrical loads. Enhanced features include signal/pulse capabilities of 1-99 seconds or minutes as well as duty cycling in the same time increments. Also offered is a single channel model DIN101B with 30 On/Off operations per week and all the same features. Direct Info Number 313 Interactive Communications System Raco Manufacturing and Engineering Co. offers the new Catalyst interactive communications system, which is designed to handle a broad spectrum of remote monitoring, reporting, and control applications ranging from a single point to a full multipoint, multistation network. An individual system provides monitoring of up to 256 remote channels for alarm reporting, status checking, and data logging functions. Direct Info Number 314 Key Lock Switches Leviton’s line of key lock switches provides secured On/Off control for 20A 120/277V AC circuits. The security system features a lock and key mechanism that actuates the switch from the On-to-Off positions, providing tamper-resistant operation suitable for critical areas or for the protection of sensitive loads. The switches are suitable for use in a wide range of institutional applications where secured control of inductive or resistive loads is required. In manufacturing areas, the devices are suitable for On-Off control of sensitive equipment, critical circuits, as well as lighting, fan, and security systems. Direct Info Number 315 Voltage Monitor Entrelec/SSAC Inc. has added to its line of three-phase voltage monitors, the TVM Series, also known as The Net. It is encapsulated in a compact 2-in. x 2-in. surface mountable package. Electrical connections are easily made via 0.25-in. quick connect terminals. This device may also be mounted to 35mm DIN rail. The monitor continuously measures the voltage of each of the three phases. Direct Info Number 316 Transfer Switch Silicon Power Corp. has added the PowerDigm low voltage subcycle transfer switch to its advanced power quality systems. The switch for low voltage applications, with its small footprint, is designed for use inside facilities to protect microchip dependent equipment, computers, and telecommunications. The switches meet UL 1008 and are rated at 208V AC through 480V AC with continuous full load ratings of 100A, 225A, 400A, 600A, 800A, 1,200A, 1,600A, 2,000A, 3,000A, and 4,000A. The system features automatic load transfer, bypass and disconnect, redundance, easily replaceable sub-units, multiple sensing times, and condition alarms. Direct Info Number 317

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