Product Focus--Wire and Cable Management

Fasteners 3M has a one-piece hook and loop fastener. With the 100 hook and loop mechanical fastener, assemblers are able to bundle wire and cable faster with less effort and strain than with plastic ties, wire ties, or string. 3M 100 fasteners incorporate flexibility, a thin profile, and superior strength for cable bundling, harnessing, and wire fastening systems. The design gives a reliable hold with less force and eliminates work-in-process damage due to abrasion, crimping, or cutting. These fasteners can be reused up to 10 times, eliminating waste. Direct Info Number 231 Raceway The Wiremold Co. has introduced Eclipse 2 raceway, a dual-channel workstation raceway that features Ortronics data/communications technology. This raceway system meets demanding workstation applications with an intermediate size and capacity that eliminates the need to use multiple small raceways or a large raceway with excess capacity. It meets both power and data/communications applications with an integral, one-third and two-thirds divider. Direct Info Number 232 Faceplate Krone, Inc. offers a four-port faceplate, which attaches to the Walker-brand 500 Series aluminum floor monuments. The use of floor monuments allows voice and data connectivity to be floor-mounted in open workspaces or in hospital environments. The faceplate accepts any combination of Krone modular data jacks or specialty connectors—offering a variety of configuration options. Loading both sides of the monument provides a total of eight outlets. Direct Info Number 233 Saddle Mount HellermannTyton has introduced its dual swivel saddle mount. Installed between two bundles such as wires, cables, hoses, tubing, conduit, and more, the dual swivel saddle mount separates the bundles and prevents chafing and wear. The mount can be easily adjusted by hand allowing the bundles to be crossed and rotated at any angle. Direct Info Number 234 Distribution Center ICC has released the residential compact distribution center designed to fit between studs for in-wall installation, or alternatively be mounted directly on an existing wall. Top and bottom punch-out access holes are provided for trouble-free cable routing. The reversible hinged door provides a professional appearance, and allows for right or left hand opening, which is convenient for use in confined spaces. Direct Info Number 235 Four-Post Frame Chatsworth Products, Inc. presents the QuadraRack Four-Post Frame. Its design supports more weight than many steel cabinets—2,000 to 2,200 lbs.—providing a cost-effective solution for supporting rack-mount network equipment such as hubs, concentrators, routers, and switches and storing extra deep and/or heavy shelf-supported equipment and supporting rack-mount servers. The frame offers unconstrained access for simplified equipment installation and cabling and unrestricted airflow for improved cooling and heat dissipation. Direct Info Number 236 Cable Ties Velcro USA Inc. has added Qwik Ties to the One-Wrap brand family of self-gripping, adjustable, and reusable fasteners. They provide an economical alternative and were designed specifically for commercial bundling and cable management applications. This self-engaging fastener attaches to itself by using hook and loop technology to create a restraining device that fastens without twisting, tying, or adhesive. Direct Info Number 237

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