Product Focus--Fiber Optic/Coax Connectors

Connectors/Adapters Leviton Voice & Data Division offers an expanded line of mechanical and epoxy fiber connectors and adapters, including solutions for ST, SC, FC, LC, and MT-RJ applications. The Fast Cure connector system features anaerobic adhesive connectors that terminate in less than five minutes for simple installations. Available in singlemode and multimode versions, these connectors have a proven, high-performance insertion loss of 0.3dB. Direct Info Number 200 LC Connector Corning Cable Systems announces its UniCam LC multimode and singlemode connector. The connector requires no epoxy or polishing and is ideal for higher performance networks, where more density is a requirement. The connector is designed like a mini pigtail, incorporating a fiber stub that is fully bonded into a ceramic ferrule, and factory polished. The field fiber and fiber stub are fully protected from environmental factors. It is field installable, allowing for a quick and easy installation. Direct Info Number 201 SMZ-type Connector Trompeter Electronics has added the SMZ series plug to their telco connector product line. The UPL143-026 is a 75ohm coaxial subminiature connector using the BT43/SMB posi-lok type interface. Compared to the BNC series, the small BT43 type connector allows for greater interconnect density in a rack. While the BT43 does not use a bayonet coupling mechanism, it does have a non-threaded positive locking feature. Direct Info Number 202 FO Jumpers ICC has introduced the MT-RJ line of fiber optic jumpers to its line of fiber optic jumper assemblies. The assemblies are available in an assortment of lengths (1, 2, 3, and 5 meters) and configurations (MT-RJ-to-MT-RJ, MT-RJ-to-SC, and MT-RJ-to-ST). The jumpers offer twice the port density of traditional SC and ST fiber connectors and use OFNR (non-conductive optical fiber riser cable). Direct Info Number 203 SFP System The small form-factor pluggable (SFP) system from Molex offers a full line of copper and optical products that enable high-speed data transfer up to 2.5 Gbps. The system builds on the gigabit interface converter (GBIC) standard providing higher density and increased data transfer rates. It supports high performance protocols, including fiber channel, gigabit ethernet, InifiniBand, and additional proprietary, high-speed links. Direct Info Number 204 Modular Connectivity System The Wiremold modular connectivity system provides modular inserts for voice, data, audio, and video applications. Featuring a front-load, snap-in design, the connectors are available in Category 3, 5e, 6, and 6-position USOC. The system offers a universal T568A/B wiring format. Direct Info Number 205 Pre-terminated Cassettes/Enclosures Panduit has launched Opticom pre-terminated multimode cassettes, featuring a choice of pre-installed SC, ST, or FJ connectors with either a five-meter pigtail or MPO on the rear. The cassettes can be used as a cross-connect for backbone and horizontal links in telecommunications closets, main distribution frames, and interconnect distribution frames, and for retrofit installations in existing Opticom enclosures. Direct Info Number 206 Connector Adhesive Fotec has developed a fast curing anaerobic adhesive for use with standard low-cost fiber optic connectors. This one-part adhesive works with any ceramic ferrule connector for fast termination, low loss, and high reliability. It offers a fast cure of three to five minutes without the “fiber lockup” that sometimes occurs with other fast-curing adhesives. It only requires a one-part adhesive and does not need the dangerous flammable primer used in fast-curing adhesive systems. Direct Info Number 207 DIN Connector RF Connectors has released a 7-16 DIN series coaxial connector designed for use with LMR-600 low-loss cable from Times Microwave and WBC-600 low-loss cable from CommScope. The RFD-1604-2L2 is a male crimp connector featuring silver plated body and contact for optimum inter-modulation distortion reduction and Teflon insulation for its dielectric performance. The RFD-1631-2L2 is the female crimp termination designed for use with LMR-600 and WBC-600 cables. Direct Info Number 208

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