New Transmission Line to Help Renewable Energy in Illinois and Indiana

The 160-mile, 345-kilovolt (kV) LaSalle Transmission Project, intended to connect Indiana and Illinois, is underway. It will connect three existing 345-kV substations operated by the PJM Regional Transmission Operator. The line is routed through areas that have potential for wind development and currently have limited high-voltage transmission capacity.

Substations to be connected include the Reynolds, Ind., substation; the Pontiac-Midpoint, Ill. substation; and the Dumont substation near North Liberty, Ind. The new transmission line can also serve as an interconnection point for substations that may be built in the future.

Central Transmission LLC, is developing the LaSalle Project. This new transmission company is a member of LS Power Group, which has U.S. development plans for more than 1,000 miles of new lines to help deliver power generated from renewable sources.

Lawrence Willick, senior vice president at LS Power, said that there is a substantial backlog of requests for interconnection in Northern Illinois and Indiana, and new transmission lines are required in these areas. He added that PJM will reap many benefits from this project, including renewable-energy delivery, reliability benefits and economic benefits.

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