Light Brigade Announces New Fiber Course

The light brigade has announced the newest addition to its arsenal of fiber optic training titled Fiber Characterization: PMD, CD and ORL.

This three-day course not only provides the classroom instruction necessary to understand the theory and principles of fiber characterization, it also includes hands-on instruction on fiber optic splicing, connector inspection and cleaning, span testing, and documentation.

Day one includes classroom review of basic optical theory, standards, transmission basics, fiber types, connectors, test equipment, installation, systems, and the theory and principles of dispersion. Day two specifically focuses on OTDRs. During day three, attendees will build an 80-km span using G.655 fiber (at 1,550 nm), and a 50-km span using G.652 fiber (at 1,310 nm).

Since 1987, The Light Brigade has instructed 30,000 attendees in its public and custom classes. For more information about the course, see  EC


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