Gamewell-FCI Launches Flexible Financing Program

Gamewell-FCI, Northford, Conn., launched a flexible financing program designed to make the expense of life safety system upgrades or build-outs more manageable and affordable. Leasing, loans, flexible payments and bundled financing can enable facility managers and building owners to conserve working capital, preserve existing credit lines and overcome budget constraints.

In collaboration with LEAF Financial Corp., Gamewell-FCI Engineered Systems Distributors throughout the United States can more easily obtain fire alarm and emergency communications technologies and have a greater ability to offer financing. For example, a fixed-rate lease with an annual payment structure would be ideal for educational or government facilities planning to update systems over time. A large healthcare complex networking multiple fire alarms and adding an emergency communications system might opt for a bundled loan package to cover equipment and service. A loan with a deferred payment plan could ease the financial burden of a mandatory system replacement for a small business or church facility.

According to Steve Birdsall, Gamewell-FCI’s vice president of sales, the new program offers commercial properties an affordable way to make required life safety system upgrades.

“Fire alarm codes are becoming more stringent and are being more firmly enforced by local officials. At the very least, these financing options can allow a facility to make the necessary life safety upgrades without taking on a large, immediate expense,” Birdsall said.

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