UL Warns of Unauthorized UL Mark on Insulated Wire

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) issued a notice to authorities having jurisdiction, consumers, electrical contractors and retailers regarding a product that is not authorized to bear the UL mark.

Although the wire is marked 105°C and VW1, UL has not evaluated it for these ratings and does not know if it complies with its safety requirements. UL’s investigation has determined this wire poses an imminent hazard. The following are the identifying details:

Name of Product: Thermoplastic-Insulated Wire, Type THHN/THWN
Number of Units: Unknown
Manufacturer: Bahra Cables Co.
Date of Manufacture: Unknown
Identification: On the Spool: BAHRA
THHN/THWN UL Listed VW-1 Gasoline And Oil Resistant II 105°C For Dry Condition 75°C For Wet Location

If you find a suspicious product with a UL label and would like UL to investigate, report your findings at www.UL.com.

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