UL Offers New Technology for Building Safety and Fire Professionals

Image by jplenio from Pixabay
Published On
Oct 11, 2021

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced a new digital platform and a third-party certification initiative designed to help building safety and fire professionals increase their safety protocols, demonstrate best practices and reassure residents, investors, boards and other stakeholders.

Built InForm, the digital platform, tracks and manages certification, testing schedules, professional competencies and other activities across single buildings or whole portfolios, with the goal of improving effective safety monitoring and management. Regulators and residents can also easily access information in the platform when requested.

“Digitalization is an inevitable and powerful way to boost building safety,” said Simon Ince, project engineer at UL. “The use of outdated paper-based methods, such as fire safety logbooks and operations and maintenance manuals, is widespread.”

However, he explained, this is no longer enough to satisfy regulators, residents and investors. The software will help building and fire safety managers make the digital transition easier.

UL’s new certification initiative is called the Building Safety Management Certification Scheme. It provides an independent third-party audit and certification of fire and structural safety management systems, which offers additional confidence in the results.

“Third-party audit and certification is essential,” Ince said. “It gives you and others the reassurance that you have the requisite safety systems in place, and it will help to promote that you are doing your utmost to keep occupants safe.”

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