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Transmission Structures

Published On
Jun 14, 2021


  • Upon completing this training, the employee will be able to:
  • Provide several basic precautions to take when working on transmission structures
  • Identify safety strategies to prevent incidents from occurring when working on transmission structures

Working with transmission structures can pose some unique on-the-job hazards. Prior to working on such equipment, you must be properly trained to do so. A job briefing must also be performed at the job site by your supervisor on the dangers and nature of the work. Some things that you may want to discuss during the briefing include past similar work experiences and how you and your colleagues will specifically execute the task at hand.

Before climbing or erecting a transmission structure, you need to ensure you have the proper personal protective equipment. Always wear a hard hat, proper footwear and gloves. If you will be welding, drilling or working with energized lines or equipment, wear the PPE appropriate for those hazards including rubber and leather gloves and welding leathers.

When climbing a transmission structure, never use frayed or damaged ropes. Never ride on steel that is being hoisted or on hooks. Never slide down ropes. 

When raising and lowering tools, make sure that you use hand lines, bull lines or winch lines. You may use megaphones or a two-way radio to communicate job progress and potential safety hazards with those on the ground.

Always use safety straps when working in an aerial setting. This is especially true if you are working from ladders or on a cross-arm on the outside of a tower cage. If you are required to be on the cross-arm, at any time, you need to be tied to the tower cage with a safety line.

If you are working on gin poles, verify that they are properly secured and guyed to prevent them from kicking out while work is being done. Remember to consider the strength and length of gins before picking up any loads.

Always stand clear of any rope or line that might be under pressure when working on a steel tower or structure. Avoid cutting any ropes or lines that are under pressure. If you must cut a rope or line under pressure, make sure that everyone is clear to prevent whipping or backlash.

Discussion Questions

  • What should occur prior to work beginning on a transmission structure?
  • How should you raise or lower tools when working on a transmission structure?
  • Any time that you are required to be on the cross-arm, what should you be tied to with a safety line?
  • When cutting a rope or line under pressure, you should make sure that everyone is clear to prevent what?

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