Survey Shows Most Travelers View CCTV systems as a Welcomed Security Upgrade

CCTV systems are being embraced by hoteliers and guests alike across properties of all sizes and types, in all locations, for their proven ability to deter and document Crime.

"I hate to say it, but before Sept. 11th most guests viewed CCTV cameras as a sign that a property had questionable security at best," said Ramesh Patel, president of BMS Investments LLC, a San Francisco-based owner/operator of six hotels. "It was thought by many at that time that the number of security cameras a hotel had was directly proportional to the level of crime in the area. Post-9/11, we as an industry, and our valued guests, have heard the worldwide security wake-up call."

According to a survey conducted recently by Atlanta-based hospitality architects John Portman & Associates, travelers welcome and are willing to pay more for heightened security. Specifically, the study found that three-quarters of today's travelers want closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras installed in hotels' corridors. An amazing 88 percent said they are willing to pay more per stay if additional safety and security solutions, such as CCTV systems, are deployed.

"CCTV is a must-have layer of security protection for hotel owners and operators and their valued employees and guests," Patel said. "No longer is it a question of whether or not to install CCTV cameras, but rather which brand to buy today."

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