Stay Safe Out There

Safety awareness shouldn’t be intermittent. It is something every person, regardless of profession or industry, should keep in mind.

Each May, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) campaigns to raise awareness of electrical safety by sponsoring National Electrical Safety Month. This year, the ESFI solicited official support from states, and it was not disappointed.

At press time, the ESFI had garnered the support of governors of Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin, which have all proclaimed May as Electrical Safety Month.

ESFI sponsors National Electrical Safety Month to increase public awareness of electrical hazards. Campaign resources and outreach activities highlight the simple steps everyone can take to avoid electricity-related tragedies. Electrical safety awareness and education among homeowners, families, employees and communities is the key to preventing electrical fires, injuries and fatalities. Electrical contractors should lead by example and observe all standards of safety, and contractors can help relay safety tips and best practices to customers.

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