Smithsonian Reaches Out for Help on Educational Electrical Video Production

With the impending generational shift of workers in the electrical industry, it is becoming more important to get young people interested in electricity to replace the retiring ranks.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics reached out to the Boston chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association for help with a video intended to educate and pique the interest of the nation’s high school, vocational and college students.

The result is a video, “Electricity: Usage and Safety,” which is part of a larger project that the Harvard-Smithsonian Center is producing, “Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students (SELS).” The video features Ronnie Koning, president of State Electric, Woburn, Mass., as its host as he takes the viewer through a typical building and explains the basics of electrical construction.

The video also features Nick Stephens, project engineer, Andersen Construction, Portland, Ore.; Mike Gephart, foreman, Cherry City Electric, Salem, Ore.; and Kellie Smith, electrician, Andersen Construction, all of whom help present electrical basics in an intriguing way.

The video will be featured on the SELS website when it officially launches for educational use. Until then, you can view the video at

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