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Aug 4, 2022

If I have learned one thing from reading this magazine, it’s that safety is a 24/7/365, mind-body concern. It doesn’t matter if you’re a safety director, dog owner, sword swallower or human parent (or all of the above).

In “Enhancing Psychological Safety,” page 4, Susan Bloom interviews Steven Simon of Culture Change Consultants. Simon said that psychological safety is really the company culture. It’s important for people to feel comfortable “sharing ideas, raising questions or concerns or bringing forward mistakes of their own or others without fear of retaliation.” Does your company foster that atmosphere?

Our next feature is about physical safety, with a tech twist. Wearable technology expands the definition of PPE to tools that connect workers, provide data to people on the job site, and sense conditions, anticipate risks and transmit alerts. Professor Alexander Dougherty explains that, when “it comes to recruitment and retention, contractors are making themselves more competitive for the latest, more safety-minded members of the workforce. In part, that means offering technology with safety benefits.” Read Claire Swedberg’s “Adding Intelligence to PPE” on page 10. Chuck Kelly also writes about employee retention in “Keeping What We Got.” It’s on page 17.

NECA’s Mike Johnston writes about being a mentor and a mentee in “Friends in High Places,” page 18. Mentorship’s value extends beyond the professional world. Mike writes: “Working to make a living often doesn’t open a door to making a meaningful life. However, I believe working to make a life opens the door to earning a living.” Think about that.

Don’t miss the the products section on page 21; it’s all about apps this month. Stay cool, stay safe, apply sunscreen, and we’ll see you back in these pages in November.

About the Author

Wesley L. Wheeler

Executive Director of Safety, NECA

WHEELER, SMS, is NECA’s executive director of safety and is a committee member on NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code, CMP-7 and a former technical committee member on NFPA 70E. He also serves as an employer representative on the OSHA ACCSH...

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