Safety Cubed: Novel Tool May Prevent COVID-19 on Job Sites

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Oct 13, 2020

Here’s a novel way to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 on construction job sites: have workers walk through a “cube” that sprays them with an approved disinfectant that’s similarly used in hospital settings.

Several contractors in Nevada are doing just that with the “Xtreme Opti-Clean Cube,” developed by Henderson, Nev.-based Xtreme Cubes Corp., in partnership with Proguardeum Corp. in Las Vegas. The modular walk-thru building, which can be either permanent or movable, sprays an EPA-FDA approved hypochlorous solution (HOCL) through the cube’s motion-sensor “dry mist” system.

“Hypochlorous has been safely used for decades to sanitize hospitals and in wound care,” Xtreme Cubes wrote on its website. “It is naturally produced in the human body and a common ingredient in many eye drops.”

SR Construction is employing one of these cubes on the job site of its Sierra Nevada Medical Center project in Reno, said Bret Loughridge, president of the Las Vegas-based general contracting firm.

“You know safety is a mindset¾it’s not a one-time thing, it’s imperative,” Loughridge told KOLO-TV in Reno.

SR Construction has also employed two cubes at another jobsite in southern Nevada, he told Construction Dive.

“Integrating the cubes was relatively simple as we have significant space on the jobsites where they are deployed, as well as the power to run them,” Loughridge said.

Most of the workers at the job sites, including subcontractors, have been willing to walk through the cubes. It only takes about three minutes for 30 workers to walk through it safely, Loughridge noted. But getting initial buy-in about the disinfectant was critical.

“We were able to provide all the documentation and literature on the product to quell any concerns about the solution,” Loughridge said. “For the most part, everyone was receptive to the idea of putting additional safety measurements in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.”

In a field study, the proprietary dry mist HOCL solution was used in a nursing home with confirmed COVID-19 cases to test its ability to kill the virus, Xtreme Cubes’ CEO Brandon Maine told the publication.

W.A. Richardson Builders, another Las Vegas general contractor, is also employing the Opti-Clean Cube on a job site, according to Construction Dive. Each cube costs about $40,000, Maine said.

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