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Aug 14, 2020

First Place

Plan storage

I use my leftover PVC as a plan holder. I simply mount the first set of straps on the plan desk and then mount them up from there. The only real cost is the straps. It helps organize the desk and it also takes care of any extra PVC.

Joe Toms—Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Oldie but goodie

‘Slick’ rollers

I have an idea related to the moving of large electrical equipment. Due to severe headroom constraints along the ingress path on a project, my supervisor proposed that we use lengths of 1/4-in.-diameter slick rod as a roller system.

Slick rod is commonly available because it is used in great quantity to support overhead conduit and boxes. By carefully levering up one side of the gear, we easily placed several lengths of slick rod under a section of switchgear. The rods’ small diameter allows for complete control of the load at all times. Now you can easily push the gear along smooth concrete, moving rollers to the front as they are ejected from the rear.

Anthony Basso—Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Idea Igniter

Idea Igniter

Staying organized

How do you keep bits and small screws from getting lost in your bag, or from falling out? Losing these items can become expensive, and digging through your bag is a hassle.


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