OSHA: A Year in Review

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Dec 11, 2019

After several years of a reduced number of inspections, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration performed more inspections in 2019 than they in any year since 2016.

From fiscal year (FY) Oct. 1, 2013 to Sept. 3, 2016, the OSHA performed less inspections across the three years, falling from 39,228 to 31,948 inspections. OSHA’s FY is Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. In the last two years, inspections hovered around 32,000 per fiscal year at 32,408 in FY 2017 and 32,023 in FY 2018. 

OSHA data released on Dec. 3, show a significant increase in number of inspections and “a record amount” of compliance assistance in FY 2019. OSHA conducted 33,401 inspections this past year. 

It also provided 1,392,611 workers with training through various educational programs, including OSHA training institute education centers, the OSHA Outreach Training Program and the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program.

Additionally, in FY19, OSHA’s no-cost On-Site Consultation Program identified 137,885 workplace hazards, and protected 3.2 million workers from potential harm. This program offers no cost and confidential occupational safety and health services to small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States, with priority given to high-hazard worksites. These services are separate from enforcement and do not result in penalties or citations.

“OSHA’s efforts--rulemaking, enforcement, compliance assistance and training--are tools to accomplish our mission of safety and health for every worker, said Loren Sweatt, principal deputy assistant secretary of labor for OSHA.

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