OSHA Holds 2021 Safe + Sound Week August 9-15

Image by Karuvadgraphy from Pixabay
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Aug 11, 2021

OSHA is holding their 2021 Safe + Sound Week August 9-15 to “encourage every workplace to have a safety and health program.” This nationwide event celebrates successful workplace safety programs while providing information on ways to keep workers safe. In 2020, more than 3,400 businesses participated, and as of August 10, 1,603 organizations have signed up for this year’s event.

Safe + Sound is a year-round campaign to encourage new workplace safety and health programs, strengthen an existing one or provide a place to celebrate past successes.

OSHA provides tips for creating a successful safety and health program, and it needs management leadership to show workers that safety is important to the business’s success. Management can show their commitment by modeling safe behaviors, providing resources for program implementation and more.

Employee participation is also a key factor for having an effective safety and health program. According to OSHA, when workers are involved in being part of the solution, they will be invested in the program. Successful participation includes reporting accidents and near misses, critiquing the program while offering improvements and more. However, this must all be done without fear of retaliation or discrimination.

It is also important to find and fix hazards proactively and not just when a worker is injured or becomes sick. Employing a systematic approach to identifying workplace hazards involves including workers because they often know the most about hazardous conditions. Conducting inspections and reviewing information about hazards are also necessary steps.

OSHA also provides resources for organizations looking to develop or improve a safety and health program.

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