OSHA Answered Common Questions About COVID-19 Reporting for Employers

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Oct 7, 2020

On September 30, OSHA published three additional frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to employer requirements for reporting employees’ in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities resulting from work-related cases of COVID-19. The new FAQs were added to a growing page of FAQs and answers related to the coronavirus pandemic in the workplace, which cover topics such as cleaning and disinfection, face coverings, liability waivers, PPE, training, testing for the virus and other worker protection concerns.

The three questions and answers provide new information that will help employers specifically apply the agency’s existing injury and illness recording and reporting requirements to the virus.

“In particular, the FAQs provide guidance on how to calculate reporting deadlines for in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities and clarify the meaning of the term ‘incident’ as it relates to work-related coronavirus in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities,” OSHA said. “These FAQs are the latest effort by OSHA to provide employers and employees with more information about how it will enforce its standards and regulations during the pandemic.”

The FAQs address topics such as reporting methods for confirmed work-related cases of COVID-19 resulting in a fatality or in-patient hospitalization of an employee, what constitutes a hospitalization or fatality that must be reported, and how quickly a case must be reported. Where applicable, they also cite specific OSHA regulations that employers should refer to in regards to reporting requirements.

To read the new FAQs and others related to COVID-19, visit OSHA’s website.

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