Contractor Wins Elite Safety Award

For the third year in a row, Meade Electric Co. Inc. of Joliet, Ill., won ExxonMobil’s highest contractor award for safety. Meade Electric received the Diamond Award at the Three Rivers Manufacturer’s Association (TRMA) annual dinner in April. Safety achievement awards were presented to recognize exemplary safety performance by contractor companies working in TRMA member companies.

Meade Electric won the award for its work at ExxonMobil’s Joliet refinery. Competition for the Diamond Award is tough; an injury or even a substantial near miss means instant disqualification.

“This is an extraordinary accomplishment that Meade Electric has achieved, especially coming from the petrochemical industry where process-safety management plays a vital role in everyday operations,” said Jerry Rivera, the National Electrical Contractors Association director of safety. “Electrical contractors working for this industry must be performance-driven when it comes to safety. Not only are [experience modification rates] EMR and [days away/restricted or transferred] DART rates heavily considered, but so are near miss accidents. This, clearly stated, takes a true commitment to safety.”

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