Safety Leader

To Be or Not to Be?

Published On
Nov 15, 2022

To be or not to be a safety leader, that is the question.

Is there a nobler calling than to watch out and care for those under our influence? 

Are we after fame and fortune, or do we pursue the certainty that our colleagues will provide a service, safely? 

Where did we learn this noble concept, and from whom?

How do we inspire and ensure we reach those that most need us and our support and guidance?

What are the challenges we face, and how do we persevere?

In the end, what is our reach to those outside our sphere that we may never get a chance to meet? The family, the friends, the acquaintances of our fellow professionals?

When we do our jobs successfully, we rest assured that our workers will make it back home safely to them.

I encourage each of you reading this magazine to invest in your career in safety and expand your education in leadership and communication. There are many ways for you to receive this training, and the return on investment is invaluable. 

About the Author

Wesley L. Wheeler

Executive Director of Safety, NECA

WHEELER, SMS, is NECA’s executive director of safety and is a committee member on NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code, CMP-7 and a former technical committee member on NFPA 70E. He also serves as an employer representative on the OSHA ACCSH...

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