Wireless Internet Boom Expected

According to high-tech market-research firm In-Stat, organizations are starting to focus on more sophisticated and valuable applications of wireless data networks. In addition, the number of users in 2006 having at least one wireless data application in the field has increased significantly.

Most organizations start with basic applications such as wireless e-mail and virtual private networks (VPNs), but the larger and more experienced organizations have plans for more sophisticated solutions.

“The widespread adoption of wireless data technology, which has been forecast as expanding quickly ‘two years from now’ since the late 1970s, is finally here,” said Bill Hughes, In-Stat analyst. “The nature of the productivity benefits vary by vertical market, but the value is universal.”

According to Parks Associates’ report, The Wireless Multimedia LAN: Requirements and Outlook, industry adoption of next-generation specifications will provide a substantial boost to the market for wireless multimedia networking, prompting growth in excess of 50 million wireless network devices by 2010.

The new report from Parks Associates predicts that annual sales and shipments of wireless multimedia-capable devices, including home networking gears, personal computers, and fixed and mobile consumer electronics, will grow from 2.5 million units in 2006 to nearly 52 million units by year-end 2010, due in large part to standardization in the market.

“Multiple factors are driving the move by both manufacturers and service providers in embracing wireless connectivity,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst with Parks Associates. “Service providers are looking for greater ownership in developing home networking solutions, operators need to reduce CAPEX costs in deploying home networking equipment, new content services are on the rise, and consumers are invariably in favor of eliminating cables.

These are all positive signs that the 802.11n and WiMedia solutions—among the many home networking options—will continue to drive growth in new home networking -applications.”      EC


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