Warnings from UL

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently warned of a few potentially hazardous products. In all cases, stop use of the product immediately, and contact the manufacturer for more instructions.

Some wall-mounted heaters from Econo-Heat may pose a risk of fire due to improperly secured electrical connections. Models 0601 that were manufactured between November 2005 and January 2006 may bear a nameplate with an unauthorized UL mark for the United States and Canada with the information shown at right.

UL also warned of Mager submersible fountain pumps model Nos. MG-018 and MG-028. They bear counterfeit UL marks for the United States and Canada and have not been evaluated for safety by UL. The pumps are known to have been a component in portable water fountain products previously sold by Collections Etc.

Finally, UL warned of the HotShock 600 electric fence controller manufactured by Horizont Geraetewerk in Germany that may pose a risk of electric shock. The fence controllers do not comply with UL and Canadian requirements and are not eligible to bear the UL mark for the United States and Canada. The fence controller enclosure is not sealed, so it allows moisture in, potentially wetting the electrical components. The product has a label that identifies it as the HotShock 600, and the serial numbers range from 1843767 to 1895860.

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