VDV Product Focus--Connectors

Connectors Woodhead Connectivity, through its Brad Harrison product offering, brings complete connectivity into the panel with its line of open style overmolded DeviceNet connectors. One of the four connector types—the “open style” of 5-pin connector—is now offered in an overmolded format for DeviceNet users. This allows complete plug-and-play connectivity of the DeviceNet system from inside the enclosure to outside of the panel. Direct Info Number 200 Industrial Plugs and Connectors Cooper Wiring Devices offers two classes of industrial plugs and connectors—watertight and insulated—designed to protect critical electrical service in harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, chemicals, or corrosion are present. They feature a multipoint watertight sealing system and heavy-gauge blades for superior electrical performance. Both lines are UL-listed and CSA-certified and have a high-visibility yellow thermoplastic elastomeric rubber exterior surface to provide a soft, easy-grip feel and exceptional insulation for safe industrial use. Direct Info Number 201 Fiber Connectors and Adapters Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc. has released its high performance LC/APC fiber connectors and adapters for small form factor applications. The 8° connectors are fully intermatable with current industry LC/APC products and use tightly toleranced preangled zirconia ferrules to decrease the likelihood of low loss. Available in 3mm, 2mm, or 900 µm cable boot, the connectors feature high repeatability, low back reflections, ease of assembly, and patented metal backbody for added strength. Direct Info Number 202 CableReady Connectors The Appleton line of CableReady UL-listed and CSA-certified copper-free aluminum connectors are ideal for harsh environments. Designed to terminate Type MC and TC cable, the connectors are available in two models: the TMC, designed for non-hazardous applications, and the TMCX, suitable for hazardous locations. The connectors have a slim, compact profile so there is little space between knockouts. The hex design makes for easy wrenching, and only the minimum amount of cable preparation is required. Direct Info Number 203 F-Connectors Leviton Voice and Data Division has introduced Quick F-Connectors and Universal F-Connectors. A cost-effective solution to classic metallic, crimp or twist-on connectors, the F-connectors feature an innovative push-on cap for quick coaxial 75 Ohm coaxial cable terminations. These easy-to-use connectors are tool-less, have a typical insertion loss of 0.08 dB, accommodate RG-59, RG-6, and RG-6 Quad coax diameters, and include a strip tool. Direct Info Number 204 Compact Connector Anderson Power Products has added the compact and robust Mini-Powerclaw connector to its Powerclaw connector series. The connector is a printed circuit board (PCB) connector that is specially designed to meet the strict demands of the power electronics market for high current (55 Amps max) carrying capability. Its compact, horizontal design requires less board space, making it ideal for circuit card or cabinet applications. The quick disconnect design is hot pluggable, allowing system maintenance without the need to power down equipment. Direct Info Number 205 IDC Connectors Entrelec has a series of printed circuit board (PCB) connectors using insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology. The PCB IDC connectors eliminate the need for individual wire stripping and clamp screw tightening, offering users a high speed, highly reliable, vibration and corrosion free connection. These two to 24 pole male and female plugs mate with each other and with Entrelec’s existing PCB screw clamp plugs and sockets to increase wiring productivity and reliability. The IDC blocks accommodate two wires per termination. Direct Info Number 206 High Power Connectors Duraline has introduced the 518 Series high power single pole connectors. The series features a 360°, non-specific locking collet design, which allows the connector pairs to be mated and locked at any orientation. Once engaged, a locking ring provides the connectors with a positive locking force up to 300 lbs. while allowing free rotation, even with the most rigid cables. With the flexible collet design there is no cam or keyway to line up, no polarizing positions, and no twisted cables to worry about. The series is designed and tested for AC or DC applications requiring currents from 50A to 1,000A and voltages up to 5kV. Direct Info Number 207 Connector The new Blackburn SnapTap connector from Thomas & Betts provides a low-cost grounding solution that installs quickly using standard pliers or channel locks. An audible “snap” indicates when each pressure-fit connection is complete. Disassembly is also simple, requiring only a flat head screwdriver to separate the pieces and undo the connection. Designed for bonding and grounding applications using copper, steel strand, and ground rod, the connector is made from high-strength aluminum alloy with tin plating. Each component is also filled with silicon carbide grit to ensure the best possible connection. Direct Info Number 208 Pre-insulated Connectors Penn-Union Corp. has expanded its IPB pre-insulated connector offering with the addition of 73 new catalog items. Included in this expanded offering is a new series of mountable insulated bars, type IPBM. These connectors offer the same features as the existing IPB connectors with the additional ability to be fastened in areas such as panels, troughs, and ducts. Each IPBM connector has two isolated mounting ports, one on each end of the bar (which accommodate standard 5/16-in. diameter hardware) for direct mounting. Direct Info Number 209 Coax Connector The Siemon Co. has released its F-type coax connector, the EZ Twist. The connector does not require tools or crimping. To terminate, simply twist the connector onto the cable for a secure, high performance connection. It also eliminates screw-on connections to outlets. Push the connector onto an outlet to lock it in place, pull to remove. This feature is ideal in high-density installations where space is limited and conventional connectors are difficult to secure to outlets. Direct Info Number 210 Sensor/actuator Connection Box Pluscon-SACB from Phoenix Contact offers quick disconnect, pluggable connectors for sensors or actuator valves in one convenient junction box. The connection to the superior controller is made with only one cable, the master cable, and the benefit is a fast start-up. The connection between the box and sensor or actuator is made with a sensor-actuator-cable that Phoenix Contact offers. All components have IP 67 protection, ideal for use in heavily contaminated environments. Direct Info Number 211 Connectors Cooper Crouse-Hinds Molded Products has a line of molded to cable MIL-C-5015 connectors. These high performance and reliable connectors are designed to mate with connectors that meet the MIL-C-5015 specification. Specifically manufactured for the industrial and automotive markets, the sealed IP 68 connectors are available with many different cable types and lengths. Direct Info Number 212 Fiber Connector System The AMP Netconnect MT-RJ connector terminates two fibers using a plug that is about the same size and shape as the familiar eight-position RJ-45 modular plug used with UTP copper network wiring. The connector is a polarized, dual-fiber that supports a full-duplex (transmit and receive) link in a single connector. The polarization feature eliminates the possibility of mistaking a transmit fiber for a receive fiber. Direct Info Number 213 Connector FCI has expanded their insulated multiple tap connector (Unitap) product line to include a mount version. The Unitap products are pre-insulated aluminum multiple-tap connectors for in-line splice, reducer, and tap applications. Both aluminum and copper conductors can be simultaneously accommodated. The mount versions are outfitted with two isolated mounting holes at both ends of the connectors for direct mounting to a trough, gutter, or to any wire way. Direct Info Number 214

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