Supermarket Chain Installs Solar Panels on Stores in Northeast

Stop & Shop announced that it has completed the installation of solar panels on eight of its stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey. The solar panels will reduce the amount of energy consumed by these supermarkets by more than 7 percent. The completion of this project marks an extension of the supermarket chain’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent by 2015 using 2008 as a baseline.

Alteris Renewables Inc., the largest design/build renewable-energy company in the Northeast, developed the photovoltaic (PV) solar-power generating systems. The amount of electricity that will be generated by all eight stores annually is estimated to be 1.7 million-plus kilowatt-hours. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from the total electricity use of 153 homes over the course of a year.

The solar project is among a series of green solutions Stop & Shop is rolling out across its stores in the Northeast. Beyond solar panels, Stop & Shop has been exploring alternative ways to be green by installing energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration systems in stores and distribution centers. The company also recently partnered with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to install a fuel cell at its new store in Torrington, Conn., which will provide more than 90 percent of the electricity needed to power the store.

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