SunCoke Energy Plant Selects Guarantee Electrical

Guarantee Electrical Co., St. Louis, has been selected to perform electrical work at the new $290 million SunCoke Energy Inc. plant in Granite City, Ill. Guarantee Electrical, which has a long-standing partnership with U.S. Steel, is serving as electrical contractor, with 80 to 90 electricians on-site at peak production.

The plant’s 120 heat-recovery ovens will transform coal into coke, a key ingredient in the iron-making process. The coal-to-coke process being installed at SunCoke has been implemented at only three other plants worldwide. The plant will produce nearly 650,000 tons of screened-blast furnace coke per year.

“This is a revolutionary process,” said Dennis Bertelsman, Guarantee Electrical vice president. “It’s a unique and welcomed opportunity to do -cutting-edge work that will benefit one of our longtime clients, U.S. Steel.”

Electrical work will include more than 7.5 miles of underground conduit and 5.5 miles of ground wiring, a substation and switchgear, four large electrical rooms containing switchgear and motor control centers, coal and coke handling conveyors, six 1,200-psi superheated steam generators, three coke batteries consisting of a total of 120 ovens, a flue gas desulphurization plant to meet EPA emissions, a coke wharf and quench tower, a coke screening station, power, and instrumentation. Guarantee also will install fiber optic communications throughout the plant.

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