Standard Will Link All Gadgets with Existing Wiring

According to Investor’s Business Daily, the HomeGrid Forum is working to develop a new technology standard that will let all home electronics work together using plain phone and coaxial cable wiring and standard electrical outlets. The forum aims to bring movies, music and other media from the Internet to consumers’ PCs, TV sets, digital music players and any other electronic devices, enabling users to shift content between devices. The group said the standard will lower costs for consumers and make it significantly easier to connect home networks.

“The key thing is this is a next-generation technology,” said Intel’s Matthew Theall, the forum’s president. “We don’t see it competing with existing technologies.”

The standard will be implemented at the chip level, which will be installed in electronic devices designed to work on the home network. Theall said products with the standard should start shipping by late 2009, allowing consumers to do things they normally are unable to do, such as sending a movie on a DVD player to every TV in the house.

Theall expects many other chip and consumer electronics companies will join the group. The group will not develop the standard, but it will help the International Telecommunication Union develop and promote the standard.

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