Solar Customer Group Rates in San Antonio

One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), a solar group purchase company, announced the launch of San Antonio’s first solar group purchasing campaign and 1BOG’s first campaign in Texas. Homeowners throughout the entire city of San Antonio can now sign up for free to join 1BOG’s San Antonio solar campaign for the group discount rate of $4.80 per DC watt.

Now, San Antonio homeowners who want to go solar but don’t know where to start can sign up online for free to receive advice from a 1BOG solar adviser. Then, homeowners in the 1BOG community are eligible for the prenegotiated 1BOG group discount rate. In addition, homeowners can use 1BOG’s Online Solar Estimate Tool to receive real-time information about the cost and payback of a solar investment for a specific home.

“San Antonio is ripe for solar adoption: the combination of ideal weather conditions, great rebates and a local awareness of energy issues makes this a natural choice for a 1BOG campaign,” said Dave Llorens, 1BOG Founder and CEO.

In addition to 1BOG’s group discount, San Antonio’s municipal utility, CPS Energy, provides substantial rebates of around $3 per AC watt to encourage people to go solar.

“We know that thousands of home-owners in San Antonio are ready to go solar and that price has been an obstacle,” said Lanny Sinkin, executive director of Solar San Antonio. “The group purchasing discount brought to San Antonio by 1BOG and the lower installation cost offered by SRE, as part of the 1BOG program, will help produce a surge in solar activity beneficial to homeowners and the entire solar industry in San Antonio.”

The San Antonio 1BOG program is available now to local homeowners through May 16, 2010. For more information, visit

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