Shermco Announces September Classes

ShermCo Industries—a leading provider of rotating apparatus and electrical power system testing, commissioning, repair, maintenance and training—announced its schedule of training classes available in September 2006. Classes include preparation for code exams, discussions on electrical safety, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements and hands-on participation to enhance maintenance skills.

Shermco will offer the following classes: Electrical Safety Refresher Training on Sept. 29, Electrical Safety for Qualified Electrical Workers on Sept. 19–20, Electrical Safety for Utilities on Sept. 21, Equipotential Grounding on Sept. 22, and Electrical Safety Refresher Training on Sept. 29.

All classes take place at the Dallas Learning Center, located inside Shermco Industries’ service center at 2425 East Pioneer in Irving, Texas. To register for any of these courses or for more information, visit the training section of the company Web site at


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