Sensors Will Pinpoint Power Problems

According to the Spectrum Online, University of Buffalo scientists are developing nanotech sensors capable of pinpointing power outages in real time, thus easing their repair; currently, electrical crews have to go street by street searching for the location of the problem causing an outage, but the tiny, wireless transistors could save time and prevent people from being left without power and heat. Not only can they monitor an electrical system, but the sensors can alert the utility companies if they are damaged or malfunctioning.

Researchers are confident that this technology will be the future of electricity, replacing the current 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide transistors.

“There’s not a lot of downsides [to the new sensors],” said Albert Titus, an electrical engineering professor and researcher for the project. Titus said the sensors could also be used to detect natural disasters.

W. James Sarjeant, the U.B. Energy Systems Institute chair,   said the sensors could be used to monitor electrical systems running on 120 volts AC power, such as HDTVs, refrigerators, medical systems, and emergency response equipment. EC

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