Seminole Distributing CFLs to Promote Conservation

As part of its efforts to be responsive to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s call for increased conservation, Seminole Electric Cooperative Inc. a nonprofit, wholesale power supplier, announced its plans to continue with the implementation of an agreement reached with the Sierra Club to distribute 100,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). The CFLs are being provided to Seminole’s 10 distribution cooperatives to give to their retail member-consumers.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) calculates that every CFL that replaces a standard light bulb can prevent more than 450 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime. Based on that formula, the co-ops’ CFL distribution will reduce greenhouse emissions by approximately 45 million lbs. through energy efficiency.

“Seminole has already acquired more than 30,000 CFLs that have been distributed across our member systems. The next installment will involve the distribution of another 30,000 CFLs to our members,” said Mike Opalinski, senior vice president of Strategic Services. “This initiative complements our strategy to be a leader in renewable technologies and carbon capture research for pulverized coal generation.”

According to Seminole, energy from coal-fired generation currently supplies approximately 30 percent of Florida’s energy needs. Seminole also is in the process of expanding its renewable energy portfolio that could add three new projects in the near future.  EC



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