SEIA: Georgia Has Some of the Best Untapped Solar Resources in the World

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) president and CEO Rhone Resch touted the vast potential for solar-energy development in the southeastern United States, particularly the untapped state of Georgia.

“The United States has some of the best solar resources in the world—resources that are more than double that of Germany, the current world leader in solar. With the right policies, solar can play a significant role in creating jobs, growing local economies and cutting energy costs for consumers and businesses,” Resch said.

Georgia has more than two dozen solar energy installer, dealer and developer companies in the state. These companies are poised for continued growth and creating hundreds of permanent jobs over the next two years.

“Those who claim the U.S. does not have enough sun to power our nation are simply wrong. In Georgia, 23.6 percent of electricity could come from rooftop solar alone. As a policy investment, solar is one of the best values for putting Americans back to work and for creating growth opportunities for utilities and small businesses alike in the Southeast and across the country,” Resch said.

Duke Energy in North Carolina plans to buy more than 10 megawatts of electricity from a solar farm that SunEdison is building in Davidson County. In early December 2008, Florida Power & Light (FPL) broke ground on the first concentrating solar power plant north of Palm Beach County. In July, FPL selected SunPower to build two solar photovoltaic plants. When these projects are completed and brought online, they will make Florida the country’s second-largest solar energy producer.

According to SEIA, after the southwest, the southeastern United States boasts some of the best solar resources in the country.

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