Security That Parks Intruders

According to Security Management, DCH Milburn Audi, a car dealership based in Milburn, N.J., experienced a string of thefts in 2005 that cost the company more than $100,000.

General manager Sean Timmons responded by beefing up patrols by security guards and requesting that he be called if the alarm monitoring company detected suspicious activity, but a shootout between thieves and the police prompted him to seek out a proactive, rather than reactive, solution.

Timmons ultimately selected a security system by Visentry, which features digital CCTV cameras, a two-way speaker system and remote monitoring. The system is proactive because Visentry employees, using the two-way speakers, ask intruders whether they have a reason to be on the lot after hours. If they refuse to leave, the monitoring system allows employees to call the police and describe the intruders’ clothing, cars and other details that can be used to catch them.

While the system cost $10,000 more than others, Timmons said it has boosted sales by allowing people to view cars after hours. Additionally, the system saves the dealership a considerable amount of money on insurance and $3,000 per month on security guards and monitoring.

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