Schneider Electric Introduces EcoXpert Training and Certification Program

Schneider Electric announced the upcoming launch of its EcoXpert program, intended to train electrical contractors in installing and implementing energy efficiency and renewable-energy products and solutions.

“The federal government has set numerous goals and initiatives to encourage new clean-energy standards. This, combined with public opinion, will drastically change the way we create, use and consume energy,” said Allen Breeze, senior vice president, Power Business, Schneider Electric. “As such, Schneider Electric is expanding both its knowledge base and offering to accommodate the enormous need for energy management across both the supply and demand sides of the power market. Our EcoXpert program is helping to meet the human talent side of this equation by equipping contractors with the competency, skill sets and solutions they need to take advantage of this market opportunity.”

The EcoXpert Energy Efficiency certification path offers five certifications, providing in-depth training in the components critical to achieving comprehensive energy management solutions within homes and facilities—lighting and lighting controls, power distribution, secure power, HVAC control, and energy monitoring. These core areas provide contractors with the requisite competencies to do the following:

• Use efficient lighting and lighting controls to reduce consumption and demand, while providing energy savings
• Enhance returns on system operations and efficiency improvements through applying power-factor correction and harmonic filtering solutions
• Achieve an ideal and reliable supply of power for critical power applications
• Use HVAC control solutions to increase occupant comfort, lower consumption and cut overall operating costs
• Optimize equipment and increase reliability through energy and power management systems

Under the Renewable Energy certification path, the EcoXpert electric vehicle (EV) charging certification allows contractors to capitalize on the demand for EV charging infrastructure by helping them become certified installers. Participants receive education on solutions that are quickest to install, easiest to use and provide customers with a cleaner and more economical mode of transportation.

Rounding out the Renewable Energy certification path, the power generation system certification provides contractors with the expertise needed to consult multiple market segments on how to deliver photovoltaic, wind and other alternative-energy resources using reliable and efficient integration solutions.

There also is a sales element to the program, where attendees learn communication strategies to improve sales effectiveness for each certification as well as provide access to customizable marketing materials that enable contractors to improve the marketing of their businesses and their customer relationships. Additionally, the program provides tools to help facilitate site assessment and return on investment estimates and online resources and the ability to offer extended warranties to customers after product installations.

The first two certifications—EV Charging and Lighting and Lighting Controls—became available on April 22. Schneider Electric will launch the remaining certifications throughout the year, and updates on new available paths and opportunities are at

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