Sacramento Utility Turns to Landlords for Energy Efficiency

Sacramento, California, is searching for ways to increase efficiency and keep cool.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has implemented a new rebate and financing program designed to help multifamily property owners and managers install energy-efficiency measures that will help save money and minimize impact on the environment.

The SMUD Multi-Family Energy -Efficiency Rebate and Financing program provides incentives to install qualified energy-efficiency products in existing residential multifamily buildings with three or more dwelling units. The program also applies to the common areas of apartment and condominium complexes and mobile home parks.

Rebated and financed measures include a range of high efficiency equipment like lighting, ceiling fans, cool roofs, central air conditioning and heat pumps, room air conditioning units, solar water heating, and pool pumps and motors. The program also provides financing incentives for attic and wall insulation and high-efficiency windows. In keeping with the city’s reputation, SMUD will even provide free shade trees.

Property owners, or property managers who have the owner’s permission, can purchase and install the equipment or contract for the installation. Qualified products are eligible for rebate for up to 12 months after purchase, and applications for rebate will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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