Reed Construction Data Partners with RCMS Group

Reed Construction Data (RCD), an international provider of construction information solutions, partnered with RCMS Group, a provider of building information modeling (BIM) services to the building design and construction market.

The agreement is primarily intended to promote the creation and distribution of intelligent building content to the architecture, engineering and construction community, including building product manufacturers, architects, general contractors and subcontractors. For this partnership, both companies are focused on creating content and building models for the Autodesk platform.

“There is roughly $400 billion in new, nonresidential development underway in the U.S. each year, with about $15 billion of that allocated for building design. Given the size of the market and the relatively early stage of BIM adoption, the opportunities to grow the BIM market are significant,” said Iain Melville, CEO of Reed Construction Data.

BIM is still a developing market, but some are calling it the next big movement. Peter Devereaux, president of Harley Ellis Devereaux in Los Angeles, said BIM is “the wave of the future, and it will transform our industry.” According to him, large firms will approach BIM first, and the rest of the design industry will follow.

This partnership may be a beginning of those large firms testing the uncharted waters of BIM. For those of you already involved in the design/build movement, this news could affect you directly, since BIM calls for more skilled designers.

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