Recharging the Industry: J. Ranck Electric

Contractor: J. Ranck Electric (JRE), Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Project: 12 highway sensor stations and message signs

Owner: Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Project partners: Hubbell, Roth, & Clark (HRC), design work; URS Corp.

Details: This project will provide a major expansion to the statewide intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and will be integrated into the existing system to provide weather and traffic intelligence to MDOT in areas where it was not previously available. The equipment installed will provide the state with several forms of data that will be used to improve travel throughout the state. JRE is in the early stages of this design/build project. The company will install 12 environmental sensor stations and 10 dynamic display message signs (DMS) throughout the Upper and northern Lower Peninsulas. The project has two phases:

• Phase I—MDOT determined its short list of contractors allowed to bid on the project based on statements of qualifications in response to MDOT’s request for qualifications, which was dated April 21, 2009. JRE teamed with HRC on this project. J. Ranck will provide the field construction portion of the project while HRC will provide the design.
• Phase II—JRE and HRC will provide the design and installation of approximately 20 miles of fiber optic cable and future communications infrastructure, which will use existing conduit along Michigan highways M-6 and I-96 in Kent and Ottawa Counties.

The M-6 project could pose several challenges, according to JRE. The first is assessing the condition of and use of existing conduits, innerducts and hand holes and then providing accurate documentation to HRC to design the project.

To successfully complete this project including JRE will carefully coordinate with its partners tolling company Transcore; HRC; engineering and architectural services provider Orchard, Hiltz and McCliment; environmental engineering firm G2 Consulting Group; MDOT; any local entities affected; and utility companies. The project is broken down into three parts: J Ranck started with design. Next will be construction and, finally, the integration, testing and acceptance.

Timeline: Work started in August 2009. The M-6 project will be completed in July 2010, while environmental sensor station installation is projected for October 2010.

Contract amount: $4,325,500

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