Recharging the Industry: Construct to Deconstruct

Who: Sun River Electric Service Inc., Kennewick, Wash.

What: Sun River is installing mobile office trailers to accommodate Department of Energy (DOE) employees who will be working at the Hanford nuclear site. Their work will focus on tearing down old buildings and cleaning up contaminated soil near the Columbia River. For this project, the DOE needed power and low voltage for the office trailers, and power for bathrooms and shower facilities.

Project owner: DOE, Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, Wash.

Project partners: General contractors were George Grant Construction and Fowler Construction, both in Richland, Wash. Pacific Mobile Structures, Chehalis, Wash., provided the trailers.

Contract amount: About $ 15,000 per trailer

Project details: The DOE has begun a multidecade project to stop the leakage of nuclear waste at the Washington State nuclear facility, to ensure it does not contaminate water in the Columbia River and to ultimately clean the soil.

To accomplish this, the DOE is bringing hundreds of employees to the site who will, for the most part, work in the temporary trailers. Some of the trailers are being used as offices; others are bathrooms or shower rooms for those who have been working with hazardous waste.

Sun River is installing 200-amp service to each office trailer to power lights, HVAC and office equipment. It also is placing Category 5 low-voltage power with drops every 8 feet, a total of 20 drops per trailer.

The company’s electricians are installing 100 amps of power for restrooms for lighting and 200 amps for shower trailers to also power the water heaters.

Sun River has accomplished the work in batches up to 30 trailers at a time, with as many as 25 workers on-site at peak and more typically about six men on-site. The company also has installed high-voltage distribution services to some trailers.

Timeline: Began May 2009; the completion date is undetermined.

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