Ramset to Give Away T3ss at the Chicago NECA show

During the Sunday, October 5, 3pm (Room 2) Ramset presentation “Fascinating Fastening Technology” Ramset will be giving away a FREE Ramset T3ss. Attendees can preregister by visiting Ramset at booth 840 to complete a registration form. Forms are also available in the NECA Show Directory, given out as part of the NECA attendee registration packet.

The Ramset T3ss is a former NECA Showstopper Award winner. The Ramset R150 fastening system is a  gas-operated tool that drives more than 1,000 pins with one fuel cell. New CrossOver technology lets users change nose pieces to accommodate any fastening need on metal, hard concrete, steel, pan deck, block or most any surface material. The manufacturer says the T3ss is five times faster than conventional drill and anchor methods, can reduce installation costs by as much as 75 percent, is quiet enough to use in occupied buildings, and is less fatiguing to operate than muzzleloaded powder tools.

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