Product Focus--Wire and Cable Management

Cable Tray Finishes Cablofil’s hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel cable trays are ideal alternatives to heavy, closed-in systems. Heavy and closed-in systems produce an environment for bacteria to grow and remain unseen. The open wire design helps to produce less bacteria and create great accessibility, allowing for a faster and easier cleaning process. The wire cable tray system is Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified for offshore drilling platforms and marine use. Direct Info Number 200 Fiber Optic Cable Routing Systems Panduit Corp. has introduced the FiberRunner 4x4 and 12x4 routing systems for fiber optic cable. The system provides effective routing, segregation, and protection of fiber optic cabling between and around distribution frames, terminal devices, and splice enclosures. Features include a robust system that handles large capacity requirements and hinged and split covers enabling fast and easy access to cable for moves, adds, and changes. The system also incorporates Panduit QuikLock couplers and mounting brackets, which allow each component to be connected in less than five seconds. Direct Info Number 201 Cable Tray The Wiremold Co. offers a line of aluminum ladder cable trays that combine NEMA and CSA load-bearing ratings with ease of installation. SpecMate L-Series aluminum ladder trays are available in 4-in. and 6-in. depths; 6-in., 9-in., 12-in., 18-in., and 24-in. widths; and rung spacings of 6-in., 9-in., and 12-in. Hanging options include trapeze, center rod, wall bracket, and “C” style hangers. Standard 12-in. tray radius and 2-in. radius drop outfittings protect UTP and fiber optic cable. The lightweight aluminum also makes tray sections easier to handle. Direct Info Number 202 Miniature Central Office Cable An extended distance T-1 cable, which is similar to Lucent 1161A cable and smaller than their 1249 series to simplify installation and save space, is being introduced by MontroseCDT. The 1161A miniature series cable is a low-loss 26 AWG T-1 cable available with up to 32 pairs, suitable for use as communications cable in riser applications per NEC Article 800 and CEC Part 1 Section 60. Featuring O.D.’s as small as .450-in. for 28-pair cable, it requires less space and is UL Type CMR and C(UL) CMG listed, rated at 75°C, and permits runs up to 550-ft., depending upon version. Direct Info Number 203 Nonmetallic Products The Resi-Gard flexible raceway and fittings from Carlon is part of a system of innovative nonmetallic products for installation of residential low voltage structured cabling. The raceways provide a main chase from the main low voltage distribution panel to a secondary hub in the attic or basement. Available in ¾-in. to 2-in. diameter, with factory installed pull tape sizes in 1-in. to 2-in., the orange-colored raceway is ideal for easy access to add cable or service upgrades, or leave empty for future expansion. A complete line of industry-standard, orange-colored fittings and accessories is available to secure the raceway to low voltage brackets and boxes that have molded-in ports. Direct Info Number 204 Cable Ties Galvan Industries has a complete line of high-quality, U.S.-made cable ties. The ties are available in a broad variety of materials, colors, and dimensions in tensile strengths from 18- to 225-lbs. The naturally-colored ties, from 4.1-in. to 14.5-in. in length, offer tensile strengths from 18- to 50 lbs. Heavy duty ties can be ordered up to 4-ft. long with tensile strengths from 120- to 175-lbs. Also available are stainless steel ties from 7.9-in. to 26.8-in. in length and featuring 100 lb. tensile strengths. Direct Info Number 205 Lightweight Cable Runway System Cooper B-Line has an aluminum cable runway system that is lightweight and durable. The system offers the functionality of traditional runway systems while improving speed and ease of installation. Hanger rod brackets can be attached directly to the pre-punched holes, producing a fast and easy suspension support. It also features a full line of cable runway accessories for mounting, bending, supporting, and splicing a complete runway system. Direct Info Number 206 Junction Boxes Mencom Corp. has introduced junction boxes equipped with 12 ports and capacity for connecting up to 24 devices simultaneously. In addition to handling a higher quantity of devices, the boxes simplify wiring procedures and reduce installation costs. The innovative design improves safety and engineering operations by accommodating a larger number of sensors, actuators, solenoid valves, and other devices that are necessary to run complex machinery. Direct Info Number 207 Raceway ICC has released the 8-ft. length raceway channel as part of their expanding Raceway Solution. The raceway, which compliments the existing 6-ft. length raceway family, uses an adhesive-backed, one-piece design for easy installation and cable routing. With the 6- and 8-ft. lengths, the systems provide accommodation for the two typical floor-to-ceiling heights in buildings. They come equipped with all necessary fittings from floor to ceiling, and are designed to maintain the minimum bend radius for both copper and fiber cables. Direct Info Number 208 Cable Tray Snake Tray offers a 25 square inch size bendable cable tray system specifically designed for wall applications. The unique design has built-in mounting rings so no brackets are required to install the cable tray to the wall. Ideal for long linear runs, the tray installs in seconds requiring only two wall anchors per 8-ft. section. The Wall Snake can accommodate up to 400 category 5 cables. Direct Info Number 209

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