Product Focus--Emergency Power

UPS Invensys Powerware Division announced the latest UPS in its Series 9 product family, the Powerware 9330 Model 40, for solutions in the 20-40 kVA range. The UPS is a true double conversion online design, adhering to IEC standard 62040-3. Featuring Powerware Hot Sync, the technology achieves paralleling for redundancy and capacity with no system-level-single-point-of-failure. Direct Info Number 238 Tower UPS The Tower UPS “XR” models support optional Extended Runtime Modules while providing advanced power protection. The new models—UPS T1000XR, T1500 XR, and T2200 XR—protect servers, computer equipment, and data from damage due to power outages, surges, and spikes and allows work to continue during sudden brief power disturbances. Benefits include increased power rating, enhanced front panel display, enhanced battery management, and hot-swappable batteries. Direct Info Number 239 Ultra-compact UPS MGE UPS Systems introduced Ellipse Premium line-interactive UPSs that offer affordable backup power for workstations and servers. Available in power ratings from 500VA to 1,200VA, the desktop and rackmount units are 3-in. deep and pack enough battery power to keep a Windows NT server running for up to an hour—plenty of time to run through most power disturbances or to allow for an orderly shutdown during a prolonged blackout. Direct Info Number 240 Ultracapacitor The PC2500 ultracapacitor is charged from and used in conjunction with a primary power supply such as a battery, fuel cell, or generator. Through its small size and ability to relieve power intensive systems or peak power functions, the ultracapacitor drastically extends a system’s life while reducing overall cost and size. It features accessible terminals and an electrostatic storage capability that can cycle hundreds of thousands of charges and discharges without performance degradation. Direct Info Number 241 Battery EnerSys Inc. has a battery that provides 25 percent greater power output, or 5 Ah, in the same footprint as industry standard 4 Ah batteries. The rechargeable NP5-12, used for security system and electronics applications, offers substantial reliability with a virtually non-existent failure rate. The battery is a sealed lead-acid battery with a high energy density of 1.54 WH/cu. in. at the 2-hour rate and a nominal voltage of 12V. Direct Info Number 242 Generators Kohler Power Systems offers a line of 13 new generator sets, ranging from 20 to 170 kilowatts. The ROZK generator sets at 20, 30, and 40 kW are powered by three- and four-cylinder, EPA-certified Deutz diesel engines. The generators provide on-site power for standby, prime or energy management applications for telecommunications, agriculture, health care, hospitality, retail, and industrial facilities. Direct Info Number 243 Automatic Transfer Switch The 7000 series automatic transfer switches from ASCO allows the transfer between two sources of power, virtually any single phase or three-phase load rated up to 4,000A at up to 600V. The switches provide state-of-the-art microprocessor control with optional local/remote monitoring and control capabilities. On-screen programming enables the user to verify and set time delays, review power source and transfer switch status or review the latest 99 transfer switch events. Direct Info Number 244 Hardwire Transfer Switches The Pro/Tran manual transfer switches from Reliance Controls are designed for hardwire connection, instead of cord, when interfacing a portable generator with a residential or commercial load center. The switch offers maximum flexibility in that it can be hardwired to a remote power inlet box. A separate wattmeter panel may be added to the Pro/Tran to provide generator monitoring capability. Panels are also available for direct cord connection to the transfer switch. Direct Info Number 245 Mobile Turbines In response to the growing need for temporary peaking power, the Cat Rental Power network has added the Taurus 60 mobile power unit to its fleet of rental power, temperature control, and air compressor equipment. The XQ5200 has an ISO rating of 5,200 kW and provides an environmentally friendly power source. Ideal for rental applications, the unit features a modular design with plug-in connections for quick setup. Because the trailer-mounted system does not require a concrete foundation, it is easy to redeploy to other sites as needed. Direct Info Number 246 UPS Controlled Power Company has released their Series 21C UltraUPS uninterruptible power supply. It is a true on-line double-conversion UPS in 3kVA and 5kVA sizes and provides accurate, high-frequency IGBT digitized power. The UPS offers an advanced battery management system that automatically determines the precise charge and discharge rate—maximizing run times and battery life. Direct Info Number 247

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