Philips Lighting Co. Announces 2007 Lighting Workshop Series

Philips Lighting’s 2007 Lighting Application Workshop series, to be hosted in the Lighting Application Center at both of the company’s headquarters in Somerset, N.J., and Toronto, is designed to help participants acquire a practical knowledge and understanding of the principles of lighting and how to apply today’s advanced lighting technology and techniques in many environments.

The seminar focuses on participants who are beginning a career in the lighting industry, looking to sharpen their technical knowledge or seeking to expand their understanding of how to use light especially with respect to the increasing adoption of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

“This is a dynamic time for the lighting industry, as we develop new, sustainable lighting solutions—there’s nothing better than getting in on the ground floor of new technology,” said Steve Goldmacher, director of corporate communications, Philips Lighting Co.

The series is composed of programs that cater to the different aspects of lighting. All workshops offer participants an interactive, full-scale experience that will influence their idea of the future of lighting. A broad array of lighting topics will be covered such as the following:

  • A full review of sustainable lighting strategies
  • How to resolve common lighting problems through the application of light sources
  • How to apply LEED lighting standards in a variety of environments
  • Ways of evaluating the human and business impact of lighting
  • How to optimize lighting performance with energy-efficient lighting solutions

All attendees who sign up prior to Aug. 11, 2007, will be asked to provide an overview of knowledge so that the review outline may be adapted to focus on specific areas of concentration.         EC


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